Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working on Dreams in the Midst of Reality

You are working on a personal project and enjoying every minute of it.  Then, family needs and responsibilities increase and intensify, just when you need to focus on your project the most. 

For instance, summer vacation is over, and school is about to start.  A summer project is not quite complete.  (The one you've been telling your child to complete for weeks, offering help and advice.) Preferably, it should be fabulous, but it looks just acceptable.   And, even an older kid needs attention and guidance that just cannot wait.  To top that, your spouse, suddenly, wants attention.
Next, there's that last summer social event, like the wedding of a family member in another state.  The bride calls you to put the pressure on, just in case you were thinking of an excuse to not show up.  The list of responsibilities goes on and on and on...

There can seem to be so much between us and our dreams.   Yet, it’s worth it to keep our dreams alive and well because these dreams are God’s gifts to us.   These gifts are meant to be shared so that our fellow human beings can benefit from them as well.
As many of you may know, I'm working on Lamentation of a Warrior, the sequel to my first novel, Sojourner's Dream.   I'm enjoying the writing process, and its challenges, and  I’m working on my dream in the midst of reality.   I hope you are, too.

By Angeline Bandon-Bibum

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