Friday, December 26, 2014

A Brief Excerpt from Lamentation of a Warrior

The following is a brief excerpt from Lamentation of a Warrior,
the sequel to Sojourner's Dream.


Kigali, Rwanda

June 1994

Blaise sat at his desk and listened to his phone ringing.  It was probably his wife, Blanche, he thought.  The phone stopped ringing.  He thought about the last time his wife visited his office two months ago.  It was a rainy April morning. The event played over in his mind.

Blanche entered Blaise’s office and smiled nervously.  She walked over to him and rubbed his shoulder affectionately.  Blaise sat stoically in his chair with his hands on his desk.  The fragrance of his wife’s perfume floated around him.  Her hair was styled and combed neatly, and she wore a pink dress which hugged her plump body.  A black beaded necklace sat on her large bosom.  She placed her hand on his and rubbed. He then noticed her painted pink nails.

“How was your day, my dear husband?”
“It was good, until I looked out the window and saw ten people killed within ten minutes, for no reason…  Other than that, the day is not too bad,”  Blaise said.

Blanche looked him in the eye and pressed her lips together. Then, she spoke.

“You must not let your colleagues hear you speak like that, my dear."

Copyright © 2007
By Angeline Bandon-Bibum

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