Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School Reflections: A Journey in Progress

For kindergarteners to graduate students, it is back to school season.  Likewise, all three of my children will be returning to school, from my youngest child to my oldest young adult.
Our son, the oldest of his siblings, is preparing to go to graduate school, a six hour drive away. That's a big difference from the close proximity of his undergraduate school. It is a big step, and I'm so proud of him.

It has been a beautiful journey to watch him grow up. I remember his first sonogram photo. My husband and I happily anticipated the birth of our son, our first child.
Years went by, and we continued our life as a family together. We had two more beautiful children, our daughters. Our eventful journey as a family continued. I thank God for his mercy and generosity, which made our progress possible.

Like all families, we experienced some problems along the way. Yet, through God's grace, life has been wonderful. Like many parents, we did the best that we could with the resources that we had. I must say that we have been blessed.
Now, it is like we are passing a baton to our son. It is his turn to join the race. (The practice sessions are over.) Yet, we remind our son that we, too, are still in this race, running with him and cheering him on, putting a glass of water in his hand, when he gets thirty.

We encourage him to try his best, to be kind to himself, and to continue to be kind to others. He knows, as we've communicated to him many times, that he should continue to have good standards. These standards will require him to work diligently towards his goals daily.

By  Angeline Bandon-Bibum

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