Friday, May 23, 2014

A First Born Graduates

   A first born of first born parents, our son graduated from UMBC, with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, on Thursday. It was a joyous occasion. I reflected and clearly remembered that twenty-two years ago, my contractions were painful enough to prompt me to awaken my husband, who was scheduled to go to work that morning. Seeing the pain that I was in, my husband took me to the hospital. Eight hours later, our first born child, a son, was born. Hence, that began our beautiful journey into parenthood. I was amazed and enraptured by the sight of my newborn son. In my heart, I vowed to give our son all that I could, especially love, affection, attention, and training.

   As a first born, our son received his generous share of our attention. From kindergarten to 12th grade, we never missed a back to school night, where we would introduce ourselves to all his teachers and would get copies of the syllabuses and book lists. His homework and academic development was a priority. We did the same for his sisters, too, yet as a first born, the expectations were even higher for him.
   My husband and I would often take our son, and his sisters, to the library during the school week. Much time was spent supervising and helping him with his homework, as we did for his sisters. I remember those days fondly, yet, my son often has a different view on those study sessions, as filled with strictness. Yet, as a result, he did well in school.

   As the first born, when his sisters were born, our son would smile adoringly at them.  As a big brother, he continues to be secure in his role of first born and the leader of his siblings. That’s the benefit, instant leadership, which our son earned throughout the years, and continues to earn.  Congratulations, son!!
By Angeline Bandon-Bibum

May 23, 2014



Congratulations, Angeline, to you and to your son! Hope all is well with you and all of your family. I'm sure your son has a bright and successful future ahead.


Congratulations, Angeline, and to your son also. Hope all is well with you and your family. I'm confident that your son has a very bright and promising future ahead!