Friday, April 6, 2007

Seeds of Sojourner's Dream, A Novel

Greetings Human Family!

My name is Angeline Bandon-Bibum. (That is a mouthful, is it not?) Since the age of twelve, I had been interested in becoming a writer. I wrote very short stories and some poems. As a teenager, this desire to be a writer continued to burn slowly within me. It became my dream. However, my writing was sporadic.

Fast forward my life to 2003. Marriage, college degree, baby carriages, and many jobs later, I was not still a writer. I was working in a helpdesk, doing application support. There I was, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, working in an IT related job. With a full-time job, three children, and a husband, time did not seem to be on my side. That burning desire to be a writer was still there though.

The seeds for Sojourner’s Dream, my first novel, were planted.
I will share my journey with you. Talk to you later.
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MissQ said...

I look forward to sharing your journey with you.

Congratulations on your dream becoming a reality! When the dream is still alive in spite of the winding path we often travel to get to our destination, we can be certain that God gave us the dream. And at the 'set time' it will be birth.

You inspire me (a wife and mother of three...)

Blessings in abundance,
Queen E. F. Phillips